Twin Cities Somali Leaders Work to Ease Fears in Community after Election

Somali leaders in the Twin Cities have a message for President-Elect Donald Trump.

“He’s the president to all Americans,” one Somali elder said. “We support him because we support our country.”

The Elder explained he fears Trump’s presidency could jeopardize safety in the Muslim community.

“The issue is, he came to Minnesota for a rally at the airport and labeled us in such a bad way,” he said. “He told our brothers and sisters that we do not keep the peace.”

At the Sunday rally last week, Trump reiterated that he would block refugee resettlement in the United States and specifically targeted the Somali communities in the state.

KSTP’s Cleo Greene spoke to another Somali leader, a woman who has lived in Minneapolis for the last 25 years.

“Minnesota is my home,” she said. “I must tell you, strangers would tell me hello, and now in the past few days people tell me to get out of here.”

Jibril Afyare, president of the Somali Citizens League and a spokesman for the Minneapolis Somali American Task Force, is organizing meetings to ease the fear of many Muslims.

“I’m hoping the wounds and the hurtful things that were said during this election are addressed soon,” Afyare said. “People are hurting and concerned. There is a fear in our community, and that is why we need to calm them down.”

Afyare and other leaders hope the rhetoric from the campaign doesn’t become action against their community.

“There are a lot of communities in the United States of America,” Afyare said. “This is the land of immigrants and opportunities, and we are a part of that umbrella. We are a part of that melting pot that is the American Dream.”
Somali leaders also hope Trump’s election will foster a sense of solidarity among the marginalized.

The first community meeting is set for next week, but the details aren’t set in stone just yet.

Source:- ABC News

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