We’ll work with state agencies to ensure peaceful polls, Saleh warns politicians

Hopefuls running for election have been told to resist the urge to create disharmony among residents in Northeastern.

Regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh on Friday said as the country heads towards the election, there is a likelihood of an increase in hate speech and heightened tension.

He said politics in Northeastern is clan-based, and this has always led to bloody conflicts when politicians make reckless statements.

“This time round,it won’t be business as usual. We shall work closely with all government agencies like NCIC and IEBC to ensure that the region goes through a peaceful election devoid of violence,” Saleh said.

He was addressing the press in Garissa town. Saleh urged imams and other clerics to counsel the youth not to be used by the political class to cause violence. “The imams should be able to help us to talk to the population and especially the youth for a peaceful electioneering period,” he said.

Saleh urged leaders to engage the youth in gainful activities to keep them off anti-social activities. “We are planning several activities, among them sports tournaments, to keep them productive, busy and in positive enterprise,” he said.

Source:- The Star

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