Passengers stranded at JKIA after Somalia airplane crash landed on runway

Several passengers are still stranded at JKIA after an airplane from Somalia crash landed on the runway on Sunday evening.

Officials said an aircraft from Somalia made an emergency landing on its belly and veered off the runway.

Four people who were on board escaped unhurt.

The officials said the runway was temporarily closed to evacuate the aircraft.

Passengers coming from various airports and those taking off from JKIA were stranded for up to eight hours as officials worked to remove the plane from the scene.

The runaway was cleared at midnight after many flights had been canceled.

The passengers are being cleared slowly.

“It has not been an easy night due to the runway closure, we are glad 99 per cent of our diverted flights have already landed in Nairobi,” KQ said via twitter.

Kenya Airways said they expect spill over delays on Monday’s operations due to the closure.

“Keep checking our website for updated departure times,” the national carrier said.

Source:- The Star

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