Somali Forces Free 8 Sailors Kidnapped by Pirates

Somali officials say security forces have rescued eight Indian sailors who were taken to land by pirates on Monday.

The mayor of Hobyo town, Abdullahai Ahmed Ali, told VOA’s Somali service Wednesday that the sailors from MSV Al Kausar are safe and in the hands of the security forces.

“The captain is riding the car with me,” Ali said.

He said the security forces detained four pirates who were holding the crew after moving them from their boat off the coast of Hobyo.

Two other sailors had been found on the boat after the security forces took it over during the early hours of Monday, bringing the total crew to 10. Initially maritime sources put the number of sailors at 11.

The boat was taken by the pirates on April 1 off the coast of Somalia while transporting commercial goods to the town of Kismayo.

Source:- VOA

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