Governor hopefuls hit campaign trail in Wajir

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi and his main challenger Ambassador Mohamud Abdi have intensified their election campaigns.

ODM’s Abdullahi last week began his reelection campaigns in Tarbaj, the backyard of his Jubilee rival Abdi.

On Wednesday, Abdullahi was in Jowhar, Doqsa, Dasheeg, Kajaja One and Kajaja Two centres. On Thursday, he held barazas in Katote, Hassan Yarow, Haragal, Dambas and Tarbaj town.

“I am happy for the reception and endorsement you have accorded to me and my team,” the governor said.

Last week, he named Ahmed Nunow as his running mate, Barey Diis for woman representative and Abdirahman Abdiqadir for senator, after incumbent Hassan Abdirahman Ali retired from politics early this year.

Nunow and Abdiqadir are youthful and have never served in any political office. Nunow, a former high school teacher, is from Wajir North while Abdiqadir comes from Wajir South.

“My administration is all-inclusive and we hope to continue to foster the same in future,” Abdullahi said.

Jubilee’s governor nominee Abdi and running mate Ahmed Mukhtar on Thursday held a major rally in Wajir.

Abdi said it was time for change as Abdullahi has failed residents.

He said it is no coincidence that local leaders don’t support the governor.

“You must ask yourself why the governor has fallen out with virtually all local leaders, including his deputy. Do you mean all the leaders are against him? He must be doing something wrong that has forced the leaders to abandon him and join our team,” Abdi said.

Source:- The Star

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