Al Shabaab militants blow up Safaricom mast in Garissa

Al Shabaab militants destroyed a Safaricom mast at Fafi center, Garissa county, at about 10pm on Wednesday night.

Fafi sub-county OCPD John Ogola confirmed the attack, saying police were pursuing the militants.

He said they were using alternative routes for fear of IEDs that have been used to kill several police officers in the last few days.

Ogola denied reports that the terrorists also started a fire at a local primary school.

“For now all I can tell you is that a safaricom mast was blown up. Everything else being said is a rumour,” he said.

On May 29, Aulian clan Sultan Hamud Mohamed expressed concern about the resurgence of al Shabaab militants targeting security officers in Garissa and Mandera counties.

Seventeen people have been killed in two weeks.

He said security agents should go back to the drawing board and retrace their steps to find out what went wrong.

In Lamu on Wednesday morning, eight people, seven of them police officers, were killed when their armoured vehicle hit a landmine in Baure area.

The officers were on their way from Mangai‚Äč to Mukoe in Lamu West to refuel the vehicle when the incident occurred at about 9am.

Source:- The Star

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